SMD5050 red, yellow and amber leds

product feature

1.PPA package.

2.EPISTAR and SANAN chip

3. WD:red 620-625nm, yellow:588-592nm, amber: 600-605nm

4. High luminous intensity output.

5.Wide viewing angle, Pb-free.

6. ROHS and CE compliant.

7.So great is moisture resistance.

8. 99.99% pure gold wire, copper lead-frame.

Application to

General lighting, Decorative Lighting, Indicators, Illumination, Switch lights, strip lighting, Panel lighting, spot lighting, down lighting, street lighting etc.

SMD5050 red yellow and amber led

Package Dimension

5050 top view leds with high luminous flux, great moisture resistance, EPISTAR chip, PPA raw material and gold wire.